Astral Commander is a simple yet addictive action-strategy game where you take the role of The Astral Commander. Your mission is to direct hi-tech robots to collect resources for your base camp in alien planets.


We have the lite version for you to try it out for free. Just get your phone ready and download it straight away from us.
Astral Commander Lite
Astral Commander Lite QR Codes
Astral Commander Lite QR codes


Title: Astral Commander Lite

Platform: Android mobile phone

Genre: Real Time Strategy

Latest Version: 1.4.2

File Name: astral_commander_lite.apk

Size: 4.64 mb


Astral Commander Lite is the free version of The Astral Commander game. There are 5 levels available for you to try and play.

Astral Commander Full version
Astral Commander Full QR Codes
Astral Commander Full version


Title: Astral Commander Full

Platform: Android mobile phone

Genre: Real Time Strategy

Latest Version: 1.4.2

File Name: astral_commander_full.apk

Size: 5.44 mb

EUR 1.49

Astral Commander Full is the purchased, full version of The Astral Commander game. There are 20 levels on 4 different planets and 4 survival modes available for you to play.


The Story - As the best commander in your base, you are given the mission to collect resources from the alien planets using hi-technology robots. Your base is counting on you to complete the mission successfully.
The Gameplay is based on drawn movements. Using your finger to draw a line, your robots then will move along those lines.
You must prevent your robots from colliding with one another while directing them to collect the resources on the surface of the planets and bring them back to base camp. As you go deeper into the game, enemies and UFOs will shoot lasers to prevent your robots from gathering resources efficiently. You can protect your robots by directing them to shoot back at the enemies. Once you tap on an enemy, your robots will shoot at them automatically for about 2 seconds.
Astral commander also has a global high scores board. Your highest score will be posted in the game along with other players all over the world.
To win higher level games, you must trigger the combos. There are two type of combos.
-The Mine Burst Combo:
Move your robot to get multiple resources from the planet in one path line, then resources will immediately show up on the planet's surface
-The Energy Combo:
Earn up to 200 points by making fully filled robots return to base continually one after another without stopping.
The movements have a fluid-like feel, you can draw any lines possible. From a curve, to an S or a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, anything.
The Graphics are very clear, simple but nicely done. It has mini tutorials with small pictures that will guide you the first time you start the game.
  • 20 levels on 4 different planets
  • Survival mode
  • global high scores


  • ROM 1.6 onwards
  • APP2SD supported
  • All screen sizes supported
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab first fix
  • Minor bugs and crash fixed
  • Now big screen cellphone can install Astral Commander