Liar's Dice or Bluff Dice is known for being a game in pirate history, and a name for a class of dice games for two or more players. They are easy to learn, require little equipment, and can be played as gambling or drinking games. Playing them well requires the ability to deceive and detect an opponent's deception. Now you can play Bluff Dice in your phone with a computerized opponent. It is more convenient, and twice the fun.


Bluff Dice
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Bluff Dice QR Codes

            BLUFF DICE

Title: Bluff Dice

Platform: Android mobile phone

Genre: Dice Game

Version Released: 0.9.1, 1.0.1

Latest Version: 1.0.1

Date Released: June 01 2010

File Name: bluffdice.apk

Size: 4.73 mb


Bluff Dice is a free version. There is no paid version for this game.


The Gameplay - Bluff Dice is a single player game where you play against the computer. You roll your dice by shaking your phone. Each player are dealt with 5 dices, and you must guess whether the other player are bluffing or not regarding a particular number on their dices.If your opponent looses, he will drink.But if you loose, you will drink. If you loose three times, then you will get drunk and the game is over.
The graphics - Bluff Dice has a nice animation and simple cartoon style graphics.
It even has nice music that makes you feel relaxed. Bluff Dice is the perfect game to spend your free time and get yourself relaxed.
  • Classic and Egyptian Themes
  • Advanced challenging AIs
  • Fancy animations and game effects
  • Live tips and tricks 
  • Built in sounds and music
  • Shake or touch phone to roll


  • More devices supported
  • New after-game Animation
  • New help text for better explanation of Die Face Values
  • Solve minor bugs