Carnival Pinball is a free pinball game for android phone by Net Mobile. Unlike any regular pinball game, this game has a unique gameplay.


Carnival Pinball
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Title: Carnival Pinball

Platform: Android mobile phone

Genre: Pinball Game

Latest Version: 1.1.2

File Name: carnival pinball.apk

Size: 4.07 mb


Carnival Pinball is a free version. There is no paid version for this game.


The Gameplay - What makes Carnival Pinball unique from any other pinball game out there is the fact that all the levels are connected with one another. So you can 'jump' to another level immediately through a tunnel if you can make your ball go through it. Every level has its own unique design and gameplay, for example, in one of the level there is a vortex that can make your ball bounce in reverse. It also has a special object in each individual level that can make players get hundreds and thousands in score. What object is that? i am not going to tell you~~
What's more, Carnival Pinball has an accurate physics calculation and a global high score system for you to show off to your friends and family. If you get a high score, so high that your name is on the top 10 list, every single person in this world who plays Carnival Pinball will see your name written there on the Global High Score Board!

The Graphic - Each level has a beautifully rendered graphics with its own special theme.  It is lavished with warm colors and lively to the eyes.

The Audio - There are special effects in the game during play time and a nice opening music to lighten your mood and enhanced your play experience.

  • Three Different Themes for each individual levels
  • Each level has a unique gameplay
  • All the levels are connected
  • Accurate physics calculation
  • A 'special object' that can trigger high score
  • A Global high score system
  • Beautifully rendered graphics
  • Nice music and sound effects
  • To top it all, its FREE!


  • Bugs Fixed